NFT Photography for a good cause

The utility for our NFT Photography is to put a 100% back into our Marine Life Conservation Projects.

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I explain where Your Donation and income of the sale of our Underwater NFT Photography is going.

You can Help save our Oceans.

We’ll Do all the hard work!

You’ll be having a dedicated Page on where and what your money is doing for the Environment, if you wish so.

These are some of our Collectors with their dedicated Pages.

Serap’s Page

Serap is a beautiful young soul which desires to protect our Marine Life and due to bought my Porcelain Crab NFT Underwater Picture.

Dedicated Page

Serap Görünme

Sunny’s Page

Sunny is the proud new owner of my first NFT sold! The Photograph shows a critically endangered Hawksbill turtle.

Dedicated Page


Before removing the net Coral
Before removing the net

NFT Photography and environmental impact

There is a lot of controversy in the NFT Photography and Art Market. Many think that NFT’s have a huge impact on your carbon footprint. That’s due to the high Energy consumption it is used to run nodes and Blockchains.
And yes this is true in some ways. However the same applies to mining Gold or Diamonds or in fact lithium for your “green” electric car! Millions no billions of liters of fresh clean drinking water are used per day to mine those precious materials and will be lost to the toxins dissolved in it.

I think it has to be seen in relative to other

Moving forward, in NFT Blockchain and in renewable energy, NFT’s can become much cleaner due to running mining engines from Solar, water or wind energy or a combination of all.

After removing the net Coral NFT Photography impact
After removing the net Coral

Invest into NFT’s with an ecological cause just like our Projects!

When you invest in NFTs with a real world cause, you can help nature while supporting these projects without feeling guilty about the carbon footprint that you leave behind.

Our Income of the NFT Photography

Due to we reinvest the proceeds of our NFT photography back into our Marine Life Conservation Projects, making our carbon footprint ‘negative’ meaning we are able to more than fully offset the emissions caused by the blockchain and save the seas at the same time.

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All income goes towards our Marine Life Conservation Projects!

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Check out our NFT Collection of Underwater images by Daniel Sasse. All income goes towards our Conservation Projects

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