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Best Smartphone Underwater housing 2021


Why buying a separate expensive underwater camera when you can get an underwater housing for your Smartphone?!

Any cheaper way?

Nowadays pretty much everybody owns a smartphone with a pretty decent camera built into it. Why not buy a smartphone underwater housing?

Underwater cameras are expensive

The camera ranges from 500,- to 3000,- US$ or even more and the underwater housing for the exact Camera model is about double the price of the Camera.

Lightning and Smartphone Underwater housings

Underwater cameras are expensive

Especially if you're looking at Mirrorless or DSLR and want to include strobes as well! Good Setups with like the one on the Pictures including Camera Ports lenses strobes tray and Arms starting at around 5000,- USD and go up astronomically

Kraken-Sports Smartphone Underwater housing
Smartphone underwater housing

So is there any cheaper way to take decent underwater pictures you might ask yourself? Yes there is a solution to this.

Don't expect to get the perfect shot with your smartphone and an underwater housing but you can get very close to it with the right choice of Equipment


No matter if it is just a smartphone with an underwater housing or the real DSLR Rig, a Torch, a snoot or video lighting does help to make these shots even better and worth your invested money.


Choose wisely

However you need to choose wisely depending on what kind of smartphone you have.

There are a few good underwater housings for smartphones on the market but you need to buy the one which is compatible with your smartphone otherwise it might not fit inside the underwater housing or you are not able to control your smartphone correctly. So make sure that the underwater housing description says that it is compatible with your smartphone.

Depth rating

You will need to check the rated depth of the housing too as depending if you just take it for snorkeling or if you take it for freediving or even scuba diving. For Scuba- and Free-Diving we recommend a depth rating of a minimum of 30m.

For Snorkeling you'll probably be fine with around 15m depth rating of the underwater housing.

Phone App

The proper underwater housings for your smartphone often come with an app you'll need to install to be able to use all functions from the outside of your housing.

Camera vacuum port system


Vacuum Port system

The latest housings come with a built in vacuum port system. As soon as you close the lid the underwater housing will let you know by audio or visually or both that it has a vacuum and so that there is no leak and it is safe to dive with.



Be careful with the main O-Ring of the underwater housing keep it clean of sand hair and salt and maintain it with silicone grease if the manufacturer suggested so.

O-Ring Smart Phone housing

Waterproof pouch Smartphone

The wild bunch


There are cheap waterproof pouches for smartphones on the market.

They're rated to a depth of 30ft/10m, your phone can be used in extreme wet conditions and stays protected against dust, corrosion, sand and mud.

BUT they are not very reliable for Scuba Diving also Camera functions might not work underwater due to the increased water pressure and because the pouch is made of soft PVC.

Waterproof pouch Smart phone
DIVEROID Waterproof Phone Case

DIVEROID Waterproof Phone Case


  • Includes dive computer
  • waterproof up to 200 ft
  • Featuring four camera modes; zoom, wide, ultra wide angle, and selfie
  • realtime color correction
  • universal housing covers most of smartphones
  • Double O-rings
  • synced logbook of your photos with depth information, you can also share your logbook easily supports free diving mode with features including depth alarm, stopwatch for static apnea,
  • boat calling straight from the app.

Smartphone underwater housing


SeaLife Smartphone Underwater Housing Set

Sealife &

SeaLife Video Light

  • 2500 true lumens and 120 degree beam angle Underwater Video light.
  • Includes extra rubber grip tabs, spare O rings for the housing and Vacuum Check Port, O-ring lubricant & removal tool, an additional Moisture Muncher Capsule, Travel Case, Deluxe Wrist Strap and two AAA batteries.
  • Includes the free SeaLife SportDiver camera app for iOS 12 and up available at The App Store

Smartphone underwaterhousing with 2500 lumen video light Sealife
Underwater Housing for Smartphone

SeaLife Smartphone Underwater housing

SeaLife SportDiver


  • Your phone is invaluable with all your pictures, music, messages, and emails and this is why we test every case before it is packaged.
  • We also know things get lost and include extra rubber grip tabs, spare O rings for the housing and Vacuum Check Port, O-ring lubricant & removal tool, an additional Moisture Muncher Capsule, Travel Case, Deluxe Wrist Strap and 2 AAA batteries

Smartphone Underwater Housing






The Kraken Universal Smartphone Underwater Housing Pro has an adjustable system allowing it to fit most popular smartphones.

The underwater camera housing also features a vacuum port system.

A wide-angle and a macro lens are also available. Free app for both Android and IOS

Housing is made from anodized aluminum.

Maximum Depth Rating of {263ft | 80m}

Maximum phone dimensions are {6.22in | 158mm} in height, {3.27 in | 83 mm} in width, and {0.36in | 9mm} in thickness.

Kraken-Sports Smartphone Underwater housing

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