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Scuba Diving Weight Belt

Elastic Weightbelt

Due to our Body and especially due to the positive buoyancy of the Wetsuit, Scuba Divers must use a scuba diving weight belt and weights to be able to descend. There are different forms of weight belts regular weight belts…

Dive watch

Chris Benz Taucheruhr Depthmeter Chronograph

A dive watch is waterproof and has a rotating bezel that is used to measure the time underwater. Diving watches are not dive computers and are therefore often used by divers as a backup, in the event that one of…

Kids Diving Mask 2021

HUXIGU Kinder Tauchmaske

Since children have a smaller face shape, the Kids diving mask should also be adapted to it. Kids diving masks have some important functions that you should know about! A Kids diving mask is an item of diving equipment that…