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Best Dive Bag Trolleys 2021

To securely transport your Equipment it is great to have a proper Dive Bag Trolley. Roll it carry it or use it like a backpack.

Akona Dive Bag Trolley

Dive Bag Trolleys are not the cheapest Luggage carrier but definitely the most diverse and not only for Dive Equipment but also for any other luggage.

I would always prefer it in comparison to a normal travel suitcase. Because they are so variable and diverse. Roll it, carry it or use it like a backpack.

However there are lot of Details in Dive Bag Trolleys to look out for before buying!


A Dive Bag trolley should have wheels to make carrying on even floors easier by just pulling it behind you. Especially as a whole set of Dive Equipment is heavy weighing in at around 15-20 Kg.

The best trolley wheels are the same as you’d find on Rollerblades. They are soft, roll with very little resistance, are rigid and inexpensive if you need to replace them.


A Dive Bag Trolley has preferably lots of compartments which are separate bags so you can divide your Dive Equipment into different parts like dry and wet or big and small.

There are long compartments for Fins on either side of the bag. Another Compartment mostly on the topside features a Regulator bag which might also be detachable.


Zippers are always a week point and need to be large toothed rigid and either from aluminum or plastic otherwise they’ll rust and break very quickly.

A good tip is to wax zippers after you come back from your Dive trip and store the Bag over longer periods. The easiest way is with an old candle. Just rub it along the out and inside of the Zipper, close and open the bag for 2-3 times so the wax gets spread evenly. There are commercial products on the market if you’d rather prefer that.


The rigidity of a diving bag depends, among other things, on the material used. The rail on the backside where the handle is retracted gives the bag the greatest rigidity. This is reinforced at the lower end by hard plastic corners which also serve as abrasion protection. There are also compensation plugs so that the bag does not tip over when you set it upright.


There are mostly more than 1 handle on the Dive Bag Trolleys. One handle is attached to the top upright of the bag which is a short and rigid handle mostly with a rubberized grip.

Then there is another one on the long side of the bag so you can carry it sideways like a duffel bag. This handle usually has a Velcro fastener to keep the 2 separate tote handles together even if you don’t carry it.

And then there is the handle to roll the bag which is on a rail on the backside where the handle also can be retracted or extended depending to your needs. Sometimes called Telescoping handle.

Backpack Straps

They are mostly invisible and hidden away in a slim bag on the backside of your Dive Bag Trolley. They would otherwise entangle into the wheels when pulling the bag.

If you loaded up your Dive Bag Trolley to a max and it is heavy this is the easiest way to carry it. However make sure the Backpack straps are properly built and attached to the bag.

Floor abrasion protection

The lower corners where the bag mostly stands on are lined with hard plastic serving as abrasion protection which also gives the bag a better rigidity. There are also compensation plugs made of hard plastic so that the bag does not tip over when you set it down upright.


Dive Bag Trolleys exterior is mostly made from a combination of 420D Nylon NT and 450D Rip-stop for strength and durability. The interior lining is often made from polyester. Sometimes they come with PVC coating.


The Volume and size depending on the brand and reaches from as small as 50l all the way up to 200l

Here are our recommendations of the best Dive Bag Trolleys in 2021

Dive Gear Roller Duffle Bag

Stahlsac Caicos Cargo Pack
Stahlsac Caicos Cargo Pack
  • High profile, lightweight frame
  • Multiple internal/external pockets
  • Durable nylon Cordura material
  • Side pockets large enough for XL fins
  • Dimensions: 33 x 14 x 19 in
TUSA Roller Bag
  • Expandable heavy duty pull handle
  • 4 compression straps
  • 2 carry handles
  • 2 internal zippered pockets
  • 1 mesh zippered pocket

Pathfinder Gear 32 Inch Rolling Drop Bottom Duffel

Pathfinder Gear 32 Inch Rolling Drop Bottom Duffel
Pathfinder Gear 32 Inch Rolling Drop Bottom Duffel
  • Oversized main compartment with top access and zippered panel separates the lower drop bottom compartment. Bottom expansion zipper allows for 20% more packing capacity.
  • Heavy duty one touch push-button handle with ergonomic comfort grip. Twin hauling handles and top neoprene handle for easy lifting.
  • Oversized corner mounted wheels offer maximum durability over all terrain.
  • Gusset front pocket with 2 separate sections and tie down straps in the bottom compartment.
  • Rugged oversized self-repairing coil zippers with T bar pulls for easy use in any element.

Cressi Dive Bag Trolley

Cressi Piper Dive Bag Trolley
Cressi Piper Dive Bag Trolley
  • Several zippers and a strong design ensure that your equipment will be able to be stored safely. Features a back ID pocket for identification.
  • The interior of the Piper features compression straps and a side pocket to help organize your belongings.
  • At 6 pounds and 1. 73 cubic feet, the Piper is light and great for traveling.
  • The Piper is designed in Italy by Cressi and made in China. Cressi has been an Italian brand pioneer in scuba diving, snorkeling, and swimming equipment since 1946.
  • The Piper is a suitcase designed and especially convenient for air travel, with a special 2 stage telescoping handle and 2 exterior compression straps with quick-release buckles.
  • Sport type: Outdoor Lifestyle
Cressi Moby 5 Dive Bag Trolley
Cressi Moby 5 Dive Bag Trolley
  • Large wheeled luggage ideal to carry scuba diving equipment and other water activity gear like long fins for freediving. Made with 300 and 400 Denier fabric that is light and very strong.
  • The main compartment opens on three sides allowing easy access. There are two large bellows pockets in the front with zip closures, two side pockets for fins and a small upper pocket that holds an address tag.
  • There are also two adjustable, padded, straps for carrying on the back that can be placed in special pockets when the backpack is being wheeled. The reinforced pull handle is telescopic and fully retractable.
  • The wheels have a large diameter and can be removed and easily replaced in the event of breakage. There are two carrying handles: a reinforced one at the top and one with Velcro closure at the bottom.
  • There are two carrying handles: a reinforced one at the top and one with Velcro closure at the bottom.
  • The back of the bag houses supporting rods to keep the Moby 5 in a vertical position. The Moby 5 measures 30 in (76 cm) height, 15.7 in (40 cm) long and 11 in (28 cm) wide. Capacity of 4 cubic feet (115 liters). Weight 10.6 lb (4.8 kg)

Mercury Tactical Gear Mini Monster

Mercury Tactical Gear Mini Monster
Mercury Tactical Gear Mini Monster
  • 100% Polyester
  • Zipper closure
  • 600 Denier Polyester Construction, Dimension : 13 x 17 x 33 inches
  • Large main packing compartment, internal compartment divider, and interior mesh pocket
  • Zip-off exterior accessory bag, reinforced handles, and heavy duty tractor wheels
  • Protective corner guards and feet/skids
  • Maximum size for airline checked luggage compliance, folds up and fits under a bed

Scubapro Subgear XP Pack Duo Roller & Scubapro Caravan Scuba Gear Bag

SCUBAPRO Subgear XP Pack Duo Roller Bag
  • Made from a durable combination of 420D nylon NT and 450D Rip-stop fabric with a saltwater-resistant YKK Vislon zipper.
  • Two main compartments accommodate your entire dive kit and more. Internal mesh pockets are ideal for organizing smaller items. Size complies with new IATA rules.
  • Main zippers are YKK Vislon saltwater-resistant with double sliders. Inside lining is made of 150D polyester PU fabric.
  • Reliable wheels allow for the near-effortless rolling transport of gear through airports or over rough terrain.
  • Padded carry handle lets you conveniently tote or lift the bag over uneven terrain. Telescopic tow handle makes for easy bag handling. Dimensions (approximate): 32x17x14in/80x42x35cm. Weight: 11.24lbs/5.10kg. Volume: 31.2gal/118L.
Scubapro Caravan Scuba Gear Bag
  • Bag’s exterior is made from a combination of 420D Nylon NT and 450D Rip-stop for strength and durability. The interior lining is 150D polyester
  • The bag offers over four gallons more volume than its predecessor with substantially increased gear-packing capacity.
  • A large main compartment with U-shaped opening
  • two side pockets and one flat pocket on top provide a variety of packing and stowage options.
  • Telescopic double-bar tow handle

Akona Dive Bag Trolley

Akona Dive Bag Trolley
Akona Dive Bag Trolley
  • Large trolley bag that can also be used as a backpack. Made 600D fabric that is extremely strong.
  • The main compartment opens on three sides allowing for large packing and unpacking access.
  • Large front pocket with zip closures, stores the include for free AKONA Regulator Bag.
  • Two full size side pockets hold up to one set of fins in each pocket.
  • The Roller Backpack is made by AKONA, an American Sporting Goods Brand, specializing in Watersports since 1992.

Aqualung Explorer II Roller Bag

Aqualung Explorer II Roller Bag
Aqualung Explorer II Roller Bag
  • Extra Durable 1680D Polyester with PVC coating
  • Articulated side fi n pockets
  • Retractable top handle and Rugged wheel set
  • Rebounding PE board frame
  • Protective V-Diamond base and 8 corner guards

Mares Cruise Backpack Pro Scuba Roller Dive Gear Bag

Mares Cruise Backpack Pro Scuba Roller Dive Gear Bag
Mares Cruise Backpack Pro Scuba Roller Dive Gear Bag
  • Perfect for travelers, the utmost attention to detail
  • Great maneuverability and stability
  • Telescoping handle | Incorporated pockets
  • Weight: 5 Kg
  • Dimension: 47×32×81 cm

Scubapro Dive N Roll Light Roller Diving Equipment Bag

Scubapro Dive N Roll Light
Scubapro Dive N Roll Light
  • Two-in-one design concept — one semi-rigid case plus one removable soft bag — equals a hassle-free gear transport system.
  • Non-rigid portion of the exterior is made from a combination of 420D Nylon NT, 450D Rip-stop and 600D Polyester/PU for strength and durability.
  • The large main compartment holds lots of dive gear while providing plenty of protection.
  • Coil double-slider zippers are durable and make accessing the large main compartment that much easier.
  • Detachable backpack enables you to keep your most valuable gear with you throughout your journey.

Additional Dive Bag Trolley Equipment

Gear Aid Zipper Cleaner and Lubricant

  • Release stuck zippers on wetsuits tents jackets sleeping bags and luggage with this multipurpose 2-in-1 formula
  • Prolong zipper life by protecting against UV salt chlorine rust and corrosion which can jam the zipper available in 2 fl oz bottle
  • Remove dirt and salt deposits from zipper teeth with included brush-top formula repels dirt and debris from the zipper
  • Use this non-toxic lubricant on plastic nylon or metal zippers contains no silicone or paraffin wax (formerly Zip Care)
  • Packaging may vary

Luggage Padlock

  • MOST DURABLE TSA APPROVED AND RECOGNIZED LOCK: All TravelMore travel locks are 100% Travel Sentry certified and designed from the ground up to be the strongest and reliable luggage locks in the market. TSA screeners are issued codes and tools for secured acces to open the locks. Our special high strength zinc alloy lock bodies, hardened steel shackles and patented internal mechanisms can take so much force that we back our product up with an 100% lifetime warranty.
  • KNOW IF YOU HAVE BEEN INSPECTED: If a TSA agent has opened your digital lock and unlocks your suitcase, a red indicator will pop up on your lock under the steel shackle. In this way you can check to ensure all of your items are intact and present while you’re still at the airport. You can reset it in seconds using a pointy object such as a pen or paperclip.
  • MANY DIFFERENT USES: TravelMore tsa-approved combination locks can be used international on a wide variety of items besides luggage or suitcases. These complaint heavy duty padlocks can be used on a backpack zipper, bagage, gym locker, pelican case, gun case, duffle, briefcase, cabinet, toolbox golf bag or laptop bag.
  • SET YOUR OWN 3 DIGIT COMBINATION: Easy to master 3-digit weatherproof combo can be set to any combination of your choosing for extra security and no key needed! Detailed instructions are always included.
  • 100% LIFETIME WARRANTY: Each small resettable combination airline lock comes with a 100%, no questions asked money back guarantee. If you are not completely happy with our product, let us know and we will do everything to make it right!

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