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Help us to remove 10.000 kg of rubbish by 31st of August 2024

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Why is it so important to keep our Oceans clean and healthy?

Healthy Food

Is only possible with healthy Oceans! If we decline Fish stocks too much they will not be able to recover anymore! Examples are to be seen everywhere. The Ocean Project tackles this problem


Education about our Oceans has the highest priority as most people only see the surface and not what's happening below it!



Changing the Communities outlook through knowledge. Due to education we can change the lives of many community members.

Pure Water

Clean Drinking Water depending on healthy Oceans. The Sun shines on the Oceans surface and heating it up water vapor rises up leaving the salt behind and cooling down the higher it goes forming growing clouds due to condensation. Did the Water droplet join with many others and it gets too heavy it'll fall towards the earth and the cycle starts again.

Love & Care

Our Marine Conservation Projects are the most advanced and including our Local Community. Our aims since 15 years are survey sharks, cleanup reefs from plastic pollution, removal of abandoned fishing nets and cages as well as setting permanent Anchor ropes for boats so they don’t have to throw their own onboard Anchor and destroy Corals.


Reaching our Goals

We are depending on Funding our projects with your Donation help us to help you and your Kids so they'll have a future to live with.

If we don’t start now our Actions will dictate our future, because each one of us can make a difference! Together we can make a change!

The Ocean Project

Some of our Marine Life Conservation Projects

Daniel Sasse Cleanup

Underwater Cleanups

Illegal Fishing. 25% of all the world’s fish stocks are either over-exploited or depleted.

Another 52% is fully exploited, these are in imminent danger of over-exploitation (maximum sustainable production level) and collapse.

This means a total of almost 80% of the world’s fisheries are fully- or over-exploited, depleted, or in a state of collapse.

Surface Cleanup ocean The Ocean Project

Ocean Surface Cleanup

There is 6x more plastic in the water than plankton! Broken down to such small segments that our naked eye can’t see it! Fish ingest it with their food.

Latest investigations have shown that these tiny plastic fragments are not only to be found in the fishes stomach but also in the meat.

So eating Fish is healthy isn’t it? At least that’s what the Medias are telling us to do!

Coral Propagation

Coral Propagation Reforestation

Having healthy Fish means we have to have a healthy reef with Corals. No Corals No Fish No Blue No Life!

Coral Propagation is a Method by the Standards of Ocean Quest and Sea Shepherd Dive to increase the Coral growth and gain new Marine Life Habitat. You’ll learn everything about Coral Propagation in our Marine Conservation Project.

How you’re changing lives with your Donation

100% of the income of all Donations merchandise and Pictures sold will be used in our Marine Life Conservation The Ocean Projects.

The Ocean Projects

  • Educating our divers, students, volunteers and guests!
  • We sell our best of underwater pictures and our merchandise. 100% of all items sold and Donations will be used in our Marine Conservation Projects.
  • Building artificial reefs due to the fact that they not only protect the fish from fisher nets Fish also reproduce quicker. Corals can hook onto the artificial reef quiet easily.
  • Rescued and injured Fish and Turtle release.
  • Replanting of knocked over Corals by anchor or humans stand on them.
  • Coral Propagation project.
  • Setting permanent anchor buoys so Boats not have to throw their anchor anymore.
  • Debris Dives
  • Underwater cleanup Dives
  • Beach cleanups
  • Fighting for proper Fishing laws.

The ocean Project Volunteers

Are often our Guests Divers and Friends!

Daniel Schneider Net removal

Nick Paterson

Volunteer Clean up Diver


Nick Paterson

Shark Specialists

Abandoned Net cut out Boat

Michael Clark

Volunteer Fishing Net Cleaner

Beach Cleanup

Stacy Henderson

Beach Clean up Volunteer










The Ocean Project

Conservation minded Volunteer Project! I had amazing courses and dives with those guys! Especially Daniel Sasse is very passionate and knowledgeable about the Marine life! Thank you very much and I will come back as soon as i can!

Michaela Mueller

Exceptional team, protecting nature, taking care of all the divers, giving a lot of information on environment and fauna and, first of all, in security… We will come back next year !! Thanks a lot for this exceptional moments, a real dream.

Sabine Vanhalen

Sabine Vanhaelen

Daniel, the owner, was super helpful and friendly. I had only logged 6 dives and hadn't dived in years, so I wasn't too sure of myself. But he made the whole adventure worry-free and safe with a refresher at the start. He is very passionate about diving and marine conservation, and has been in the business for 20 years(!). We could easily see his knowledge and enthusiasm during our conversations.

Alejandro Díez

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