Tigertail Seahorse NFT Edition

How it’s taken pregnant Seahorse

My series of “how it’s taken” continues with the photograph of a pregnant Tigertail Seahorse

Tigertail Seahorse NFT Edition

A few Facts about the Tigertail Seahorse

  • The tigertail seahorse (Hippocampus comes) can live between 1-5 years in the wild.
  • Males are often blackish, while females are usually yellowish
  • This species is nocturnal. The male carries the eggs in a brood pouch below their chest which holds from 50 – 400 eggs and the pregnancy takes from 1 to 4 weeks depending temperature and food.
  • Seahorse populations have declined sharply in recent years due to trawling, overfishing, and habitat destruction.
  • Unfortunately It is also used for traditional Chinese medicine., and as many as 20 million seahorses may be caught each year and sold for this purpose.

Did you know?

The tigertail seahorse’s mating ritual is quite fascinating. When the male is ready to mate, he presents the female with a dance, color changes, flashy pouch displays, and active spins. If the female is receptive, the two will plait their tails together, dance, and parade with each other. The female Seahorse then inserts up to 600 eggs into the male brood pouch. About two weeks later, the male gives birth to between 50 and 400 miniature duplicates of the pair.

Tigertail Seahorse NFT Edition

How was it taken?

We started off our dive on a very shallow reef dive, just 5m in depth. The water was a little rough but the visibility was decent 5-7m. After just 10 min we found 2 seahorses.

They are usually not swimming away but rather hide behind rocks and in crevices if you go to close, also they always turn their head away from you. They seem to be shy.

Seahorse white

However we have been lucky, those 2 we found have been out and about and hanging onto a whip coral.

The yellow one was sitting in front facing me and hanging onto a whip coral.

Another one which was whitish and much smaller was sitting behind on the same whip coral and facing away from me. I wasn’t really able to get a good shot of it but I managed this one.

Looked like a very young female.

Seahorse head down

Tigertail Seahorse

So I concentrated on the yellow one in front. The shot wasn’t easy due to underwater surge where it pushes everything forth and back.

Even the Seahorse had to hold on tight you can see the tail is wrapped around the whip coral twice. So then this Picture happened.

Due to I don’t hold onto anything or lean sit or kneel on the floor I just floated by with my camera pressing the shutter button at the right time.

Which was ok but not good enough for my standards.

Tigertail Seahorse NFT Edition

So it took me another 5 min until I managed to get a really nice shot which I minted as an NFT Edition.

“Pregnant Seahorse Father” is Live

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  • do not disturb wildlife
  • do not touch wildlife
  • do not harass
  • do not kneel sit or lay even in the sand
  • don’t hold onto anything to steady yourself
  • leave only bubbles


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