First NFT sold Hawksbill Turtle

First NFT sold

Sunny is the proud new owner of my first NFT sold! The Photograph shows a critically endangered Hawksbill turtle.

A great person called Sunny with the Twitter handle @sunnysangwan who also cares a big deal about the Marine Life, donated his hard earned money to protect our precious Oceans by buying one of my NFT Photographs which shows a critically endangered Hawksbill Turtle.

We will use 100% in our Marine Life Conservation Projects. On this page we’ll show how!

First NFT sold Hawksbill Turtle

Hawksbill Turtle

This Photograph is the first NFT sold which was bought by Sunny

But first a few interesting facts about Hawksbill turtles:

  • The Hawksbill is a critically endangered sea turtle.
  • They evidently reach maturity after 20 years.
  • Their lifespan is unknown.
  • They can stay up to 45 min underwater with one breath.
  • Hawksbill turtles are up to 114 cm (45 inches) long and weigh 50 to 68 kg (110 to 150 pounds).
  • Female hawksbill turtles return to the same nesting grounds where they were born to lay their eggs.
  • Coastal development has reduced the area where they can successfully nest, dogs and other animals often destroy their nests, and people harvest their eggs for food.
  • Some of the sponges and small animals that the hawksbill turtles consume are toxic. Fortunately, their body fat can absorb the toxins without making the turtle ill, but their meat is potentially poisonous to humans.
  • It’s estimated that only 1 in 1,000 hatchlings will survive to adulthood.

We will use this income in our upcoming Marine Life Projects and will show and update this table below with the amounts used!

Marine Life conservation Project Cost in ETH (at the time) Cost in ~USD (at the time)
Net income of NFT sold 0.14 ETH ~350,- USD
#1 Beach clean up 26.01.2022
Gloves 0.0061 ETH 15,- USD
Gasoline 0.0041 ETH 10,- USD
Drinking Water 0.0041 ETH 10,- USD
Snacks 0.0061 ETH 15,- USD
Grand total of Beach Clean Up #1 0.0204 ETH 50,- USD
#2 Beach clean up 05.02.2022
3x Trash picker clamp 0.0063 ETH 20,- USD
Gasoline 0.0032 ETH 10,- USD
Drinking Water 0.0032 ETH 10,- USD
Snacks 0.0047 ETH 15,- USD
Grand total of Beach Clean Up #2 0.0174 ETH 55,- USD
#3 Abandoned fishing net removal 09.02.2022
Diesel for Boat 210l x 0.99 USD/l 0.066 ETH 207,- USD
Lunch, soft-drinks, snacks. 0.0064 ETH 20,- USD
Grand total of Abandoned Fishing net removal 0.0724 ETH 227,- USD
Grand total of Project #1 + #2 + #3 0.1102 ETH 346,- USD
Grand Total left 0.0013 ETH ~4,- USD

Beach Cleanup
Beach Cleanup

Another Beach cleanup at Ao Nang Beach Krabi TH. Lots af single use plastic, glass bottles, facemask styrofoam. 12kg of rubbish removed. All will be sorted and either recycled or properly disposed of! Thanks to the donation of @sunnysangwan #environement #safeOurOceans

Originally tweeted by DanTheMan (@DanielSasse3) on 07.02.2022.

We have removed another abandoned Fishing net caught in the corals. 50 x 25m and 35kg at local Islands Ao Nang Thailand. We’ve rescued crabs fish corals and shells. #environment #HopeForOurOceans This was possible due to the #NFT‘s bought by @sunnysangwan and @serapgorunme 🙏

4 People worked for 2h which makes a total of 8h underwater work! I will list the cost of fishing net removal on our homepage. More info on our Projects

Originally tweeted by DanTheMan (@DanielSasse3) on 14.02.2022.

Thank you very much Sunny!
The Ocean will be grateful to you forever!

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