Porcelain Crab NFT Serap

Porcelain Crab NFT

Serap is a beautiful young soul which desires to protect our Marine Life and due to bought my Porcelain Crab NFT Underwater Picture.

Serap Görünme

The Photograph Serap bought shows a Porcelain Crab which is only 2.5cm (0.984 inch) in Diameter and despite the huge looking claws it is very delicate!

We will use the income of this NFT sold to a 100% in our Marine Life Conservation Projects! Further down you’ll find a table with details.

She was also so kind and assisted me with minting my piece and accepting “ASH” for it which is another cryptocurrency aside from “ETH” and all the others. I’d like also to thank her for taking over the minting cost too! I’ll also include that amount as a donation towards our Projects!

Serap’s Twitter Page

Serap is not only a Collector

Serap is not only a Collector but also an amazing underwater Photographer with stunning Pictures on her OpenSea! Check them out!

Serap’s OpenSea Collections

The actual Porcelain Crab NFT bought and owned by Serap

Porcelain Crab NFT Serap

Here are a few small facts about the Porcelain Crab (Neopetrolisthes maculosus)

  • Their claws are proportionally large
  • they have three walking legs each side as against a normal crab which will have four.
  • They have a prominent set of feelers which extend outwards to catch floating by plankton and are collapsed when not needed.
  • The eyes are on short stalks.
  • Compared to normal crabs the body is slightly elongated.
  • Females carry their eggs in a pouch under their belly.
  • In a fight they can shed their limbs or body parts
  • The lost appendage of a Porcelain Crab can grow back over several moults.

We will use this income in our upcoming Marine Life Projects and will show and update this table below accordingly with the amounts used!

Marine Life conservation Project Income NFT ETH Income NFT USD
Total income received of NFT 0.13 ETH 365,- USD
Cost in ETH Cost in ~USD
#1 Abandoned fishing net removal 23.02.2022
Diesel for Boat 230l x 0.99 USD/l 0.081 ETH 227,- USD
Lunch, soft-drinks, snacks. 0.0071 ETH 20,- USD
Scuba diving Tanks filling 0.015 ETH 43,- USD
#2 Beach Cleanup 24.03.2022
Lunch, soft-drinks, snacks. 0.0071 ETH 20,- USD
Grand total of Abandoned Fishing net removal #1 0.1031 ETH 290,- USD
Grand Total of Beach Cleanup #2 0.0071 ETH 20,- USD
Grand total of Project #1 + #2 0.1102 ETH 310,- USD
Grand Total left 0.0198 ETH ~55,- USD

Thank you very much Serap!
The Ocean and I will be grateful to you forever!

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