Hawksbill Turtle

World Sea Turtle Day 2021

Today is World Sea Turtle Day 2021 to give more exposure to the critically #endangered hawksbill turtle.

Rapidly declining due to overfishing, trawler fishing, bycatch, habitat loss and actively hunted by humans for their meat and shell to make jewellery.

As you can see in the Video Turtles are very sustainable eaters! It only takes one or two bites out of a Coral because it does know that it will grow back and provide her with more food, instead of eating all at once and killing the Coral and obviously her food source! If only humans would be that clever!

World Sea Turtle Day 2021

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First Aid

This Turtle lost it's leg in an abandoned drifting ghost net! We fortunately found her just in time before she would have drowned entangled in the Net. Rescued rehabilitated and released back into the wild!

Turtle lost arm in abandoned fishing net Welttag der Meeresschildkröten 2021
Speed Boat Accident

This Hawksbill Turtle had an accident with a too fast driving Speedboat which she collided with while breathing at the surface. Yes Sea turtles still have to breath air at the surface

Stompy Hawksbill Sea Turtle World Sea Turtle Day 2021
Plastic Pollution

This Green Turtle we found floating at the surface had ingested too much Plastic.

Dead green Turtle

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