Unidentia aliciae CloseUp

Unidentia aliciae CloseUp

Unidentia aliciae Nudibranch

Coryphellina rubrolineata CloseUp

Unidentia aliciae is a relatively large aeolid nudibranch growing to 42 mm in length.

The stretched out body has a sharp end at the tail, the dorsal side is covered with a certain amount of extensions called cerata, which size vary from an animal to another. The rhinophores are pointed and look like cone. The oral tentacles are thin, cylindrical and longer than the rhinophores.

Like mainly all aeolids, Unidentia aliciae has the ability to store the stinging cells from cnidarians eaten. This stinging cells stock is a particularly effective means of defense and is located at the ends of cerata, it is contained in cnidosacs.

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