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Best Top 10 Women neoprene wetsuit 2020

What to consider when buying a women neoprene wetsuits. Wet suit, semi dry suit, dry suit and shorties

What is a women neoprene wetsuit?

Scubapro Definition women neoprene wetsuit 5mm Men
Scubapro Definition Overall 5mm

A neoprene wetsuit is made of neoprene. In technical fields, neoprene is known as chloroprene rubber or polychloroprene. At the molecular level, the material consists mainly of chlorine and hydrogen atoms. Production begins with a chemical reaction between chloroprene and other solutions.

The result of this reaction is flakes. These flakes can be further processed. In order to transform the solid synthetic rubber flakes into elastic rubber, it needs vulcanization. After the vulcanization the molecules can no longer move, the end result is elastic and will always spring back to its original shape.

In order to be able to sell neoprene as a fabric, the right and left side of a neoprene sheet are covered with fabrics, these can also be printed with colors or patterns.

Difference between men and women neoprene wetsuit

In many Scuba Diving Equipment Parts there is no difference between Men and Women however there is a big one in Neoprene Wetsuit cuts. Women feel usually much faster cold than men so it’s a better Idea to buy a thicker wetsuit if you are a frosty.

Women cut

The cut of a women neoprene wetsuit differs from that of men. Women’s wetsuits are cut tighter at the shoulders and narrower at the waist and fuller at the hips. The chest area is also further shaped in the style of women neoprene wetsuit.

Color and Style

For many women, the color and style of a women neoprene wetsuit also plays a major role.

Sensation of cold

“It’s not a myth that women feel the cold faster than men. And this even though the heat transport works basically the same for men and women, namely via the blood. If the outside temperature drops, the blood vessels in the arms and legs constrict in order to better supply the core of the body with its vital organs with blood and thereby protect it. However, the temperature range at which this phenomenon takes effect is different: in women it is already from around 15 degrees Celsius, in men at lower temperatures.

The higher muscle percentage in men is also essential for the different perception of cold by men and women, because muscles produce heat that is distributed throughout the body. In men, it makes up about 40 percent of the body, in women, however, only about 25 percent. Men therefore carry around a small stove, so to speak, that warms them internally.

The different skin thicknesses in men and women also make women shiver more quickly, because thick skin prevents additional heat radiation in men. Women are literally thinner and give off more heat.

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Insulation ability of neoprene wetsuit

First of all, you have to know that water dissipates body heat 25 times faster than air, so you cannot survive forever even in water at 25° C and the colder the water, the faster you lose your body heat.

Water temperature Time to exhaustion
or unconsciousness
Theoretically possible survival time
0,3 °C < 15 min up to 45 min
4,5 °C 30 min up to 90 min
10 °C 1 h 3 h
15 °C 2 h 6 h
21 °C 7 h 40 h
26 °C 12 h > 40 h

Neoprene has excellent insulation properties that is due to the fact that a lot of air is trapped in the neoprene, which, as we know, has very good insulation.

Thickness of a women neoprene wetsuit

The thicker the neoprene fabric, the better the insulation from the cold water.

Mostly for very cold water with 12° C and colder or for ice diving and long dives in them, you’d use a dry suit.

Women Neoprene wetsuits from approx. 7mm thickness can be used for cold water diving (12° C and colder), but dry suits are recommended. This also includes neoprene gloves, hoods and shoes (booties).

Long women neoprene wetsuits in 3-5mm thickness are usually used for waters with a water temperature of more than 18° C.

Shorties are women neoprene wetsuits with short arms and half-length legs, these are mostly 3mm thick and they are used for water temperatures from 25° C upwards.

Buoyancy and thickness of women neoprene wetsuits

Weight and thickness of Wetsuit
Weight and thickness of Wetsuit

The neoprene thickness of the suit affects the buoyancy control, as thicker material creates more static buoyancy. This buoyancy has to be compensated with lead weights. To make matters worse, the neoprene itself is compressed by the water pressure increasing with depth, so that the buoyancy decreases with increasing ambient pressure – i.e. increasing water depth. Since the weight of the lead remains constant, the downforce increases with increasing depth, which has to be compensated for by a buoyancy compensator (BCD).

How does a women neoprene wetsuit work?

Many believe that you don’t get wet in a neoprene wetsuit. This is only true in a dry suit.

Wetsuit function
Function of a women neoprene wetsuit
and a semidry wetsuit

In all other diving suits you get wet. The water that has entered the wetsuit remains in the suit for a while because the ends of a neoprene wetsuit are provided with cuffs and the thin layer of water is thus heated up by the body heat.

That is why it is so important to have a neoprene wetsuit that is skin-tight because the less water penetrates, the less the body has to heat the water entered up and the longer you stay warm. Depending on the suit and your movements, this water layer is exchanged faster or slower (water circulation).

Types of women neoprene wetsuits


Cressi Shorty

Is the simplest version of the women neoprene wetsuit. As the word shorty suggests, they have short arms and legs and are only effective in protecting the core temperature of the body.

This can be worn in tropical areas with water temperatures of 25° C and more. Mostly in the common thicknesses of 1.5-3mm available and also obviously the cheapest version of all of them.

Women Neoprene Wetsuit

Is a Neoprene wetsuit with long arms and legs where cuffs are sewn on so that the water stays in the suit longer and is not exchanged as quickly. Usually comes in thicknesses between 3-7mm

Semi-Dry women Neopren Wetsuit

These suits don’t just get you “half-wet”. These neoprene wetsuits have smooth neoprene sealing lips on the arms, legs and neck. With the higher quality semi-dry neoprene wetsuits, the zipper is also underlaid with a cuff or sealing lip. Which causes the water to run into the suit but stays in wetsuite much longer Water Circulation is relatively slowl depending on e.g. Movement while scuba diving or getting in and out of the water. This makes the suit very comfortable for colder waters for long or several dives per day. Most semi-dry wetsuits come in thicknesses between 5-7mm.

Dry Suit

Drysuit function
Function of a dry suit

There are several types of drysuits and the topic is very large as buoyancy control is not only done with the BCD but also has to be done with the suit itself. I’m not going to go into this type of suit too much, though.

Even if you have successfully completed a diving course and buy a dry suit, you should try it out in the swimming pool or in shallow water or even better take a course. Most international diving organizations offer dry suit diving courses. Because there are certain things with this suit that you have to pay attention to and practice in order not to be in danger underwater!

Some will still remember: When James Bond in “Goldfinger” takes off his wetsuit (dry suit) and wears a tuxedo underneath that is completely dry and yes it would work.

Dry suits are designed for diving in very cold water, for commercial underwater work, and for sewage diving.

Scubapro Trockentauchanzug
Scubapro Dry suit

The dry suit, is a one-piece suit made of water- and gas-tight material. Today these are made from trilaminate membranes of synthetic plastics or neoprene.

The advantage of the dry suit is that the diver hardly ever comes into contact with water and, when properly filled with an insulating gas, like air it is better protected from the cold than in any other diving suits. The dry suit is usually sealed with a cuff at the neck and wrist and the boots are permantly attached. It has a water and gas-tight zipper on the back or chest for getting in and out. In addition, textile protective clothing against the cold is worn under the suit.



The main zipper on a women neoprene wetsuit can be on the back as well as on the front, vertical, horizontal or diagonal. For the shorties and neoprene wetsuits, these are normal coarse zippers mostly made of plastic because they don’t rust. In the case of a dry suit, this must be zipper which is gas and waterproof so that no water penetrates. The semi-dry women neoprene wetsuits have both wet and dry zipper versions.

All zippers on the women neoprene wetsuits are underlaid with a smooth neoprene sealing lip as this is more comfortable and the pure zipper does not cause irritation of the skin.

Thicker long wet and semi dry neoprene wetsuits with zippers on the arms and legs make it easier to get into the suit.

Insider tip:

If the neoprene wetsuit has no zippers and it is very difficult for you to put the suit on, you can put a plastic bag over your hand or foot before getting into the suit. The neoprene slides much better then. The alternative is to mix a little dish washing liquid and water and spray it on the arm or leg.

Protection against injury and nettles


Women Neoprene wetsuits are not only worn to protect against cooling down of the body temperature, but also to protect against injuries such as jellyfish and their nettles.

Or if you accidentally roam along a rock face. Shipwrecks are also a good example with their sharp edges

One piece or two piece

Zweiteiliger Neopren Tauchanzug
Two piece neoprene Wetsuit

A one-piece is a neoprene diving suit that consists of one part. Here different thicknesses of neoprene can be sewn together so that the one-piece is, for example, a 3mm thick wetsuit on the arms and legs and a 5mm thick neoprene wetsuit on the core of the body.

A two-piece is two separate pieces of clothing, a high-cut or bib shorts (called “Long John”) and a long-sleeved jacket, usually with an attached hood, so you have a thick double suit at the core of your body.

Some two-piece neoprene wetsuits only consist of pants and a vest, but they are also much less warm.

Ice vest

Eisweste Neopren

One-piece suits sometimes come with a separate ice vest to be able to dive with this suit in very cold waters.

This ice vest is worn over the normal suit.

But you can also buy them individually.

List of my best top 10 Women neoprene wetsuits 2020 in 3-5mm

Number #10

ZCCO Damen Women Neopren Wetsuit 3mm

ZCCO Women Neoprenanzug 3 mm
ZCCO Women Neopren wetsuit 3 mm

  • MATERIAL: made of ultra stretch neoprene 3mm thick
  • ZIPPERS: four small zipper at the arms & legs to make it take off or put on easily comparing to other wet suit.
  • WATERSTOP SEAL: smooth skin neoprene inner at the collar, arm and legs to stick your skin tightly & make sure that much less water come inside
  • ANTI-ABRASION KNEE PAD: offer better protection for your knee

Number #9

Pandawoods Neoprene Wetsuit 3 mm

Seac Damen Sense Long 3mm Neoprenanzug
Seac Sense Long 3mm Women Neoprene wetsuit

  • Seac Sense is the perfect, ultra-comfortable overall for practicing water sports in warm waters (20 ° C – 30 ° C).
  • This long suit is made of super elastic 3mm neoprene and has a mesh skin insert on the front and cuffs on the neck and arms made of smooth skin neoprene for a water-stopping effect.
  • Ideal not only for snorkeling and diving, but also for all other water sports (surfing, windsurfing, water skiing, stand-up paddling, etc.).
  • The Seac Sense Long Overall is easy to put on thanks to the long, neoprene-lined back zip.
  • The women’s model is available from XS to XXL

Number #8

Pandawoods 3mm Women Neoprene Wetsuit

PAWHITS 3mm Damen Neopren Tauchanzug
Pandawoods 3mm women neopren wetsuit

  • For the perfect fit, we recommend you to refer to seller’s size chart on the left to choose the fittest size for yourself. Keep You Warm: 3mm women neoprene wetsuit made of premium eco-friendly and high-elastic SCR neoprene + imported nylon has a remarkable heat preservation and long life span, ideal for 70–77℉.
  • Heavy-duty metal back zipper effectively prevents 3mm neoprene full wetsuit turning unzipped. The inner neoprene cloth behind the zipper can largely lessen water penetration, avoid pinching your delicate skin and prevent flushing. The extra-long back zipper strap is convenient for your donning and doffing.
  • Comfortable and Functional: pandawoods wetsuit designed with Flat-lock seams for a smooth interior and exterior surface to ensure your maximum comfort and durability. Specifically perfect for diving, surfing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing and other water sports or outdoor activities.
  • Protect Yourself in Water: The scuba diving wetsuit with full coverage design effectively protects yourself from the direct sun ray and keeps you away from the risks of sea lice, jellyfish, coral reef and other sharp objects, allowing you to enjoy diving like a fish.
  • 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. You can contact us if you have any problem.

Number #7

Cressi Castoro 5mm Women Neoprene Wetsuit

Cressi Castoro 5mm women Neopren wetsuit
Cressi Castoro 5mm women neopren wetsuit

  • One-piece wetsuit, available in 5 or 7 mm Neoprene, ideal for Snorkeling, Scuba Diving in cold water.
  • One-piece wetsuit made in 7 mm soft Neoprene ideal for Snorkeling, Scuba Diving in cold water (between 35º-45º F).
  • Pre-shaped legs for ensuring comfort and easy movements while swimming.
  • Wrists and ankles with the Aquastop system (seals in smooth 1.5 mm Neoprene, covered in Metallite)
  • Zip made in quality YKK.
  • Anti-wear inserts in Power Tex on knees, shins and shoulders.
  • The Castoro is designed in Italy by Cressi and made in Asia. Cressi is an Italian company pioneer in scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming equipment since 1946.

Number #6

Hevto Women Neoprene wetsuit 3mm

Hevto 3mm women neoprene wetsuit
Hevto 3mm women neoprene wetsuit

  • Environment-Friendly & High-Quality Material: Neoprene SBR + Nylon-2 Layers(Surface/Lining). Back zipper closure. 3MM thickness, full wetsuit, long sleeve.
  • The women wetsuit has a specially lengthen nylon belt to ensure you are easy to put on and take off the wetsuit even though the zipper is on the back
  • Flexible fabrics give you free and comfortable wearing feeling. Stretch arms and legs without constraint. Hevto wetsuit will be your best friend in the water, not your biggest obstacle.
  • 3MM full wetsuit meets basic warmth requirements in general water area (50℉- 67℉) . Both high-quality fabrics and flat lock stitching contribute to increase the warmth performance of wetsuit.
  • If you don’t like too rich colors, so this female wetsuit will work for you. Its main color is black, and draw the outline of dark gray “X” on the chest. Stretch fabrics fit your figure perfectly and emphasize the female silhouette You’ll never regret to get it.

Number #5

Scubapro Sport 3.0 Women neoprene wetsuit

Scubapro Sport 3.0 Damen Neopren Tauchanzug
Scubapro Sport 3.0 Women neoprene wetsuit

  • CE certified a Class D dive suit: rated for water temperatures above 72ºF/22ºC.
  • Made from X-Foam neoprene, the only “green” neoprene that complies with P.A.H. regulations.
  • Built with the Body Map System, an exclusive manufacturing method that uses special tailoring and material inserts to compensate for the stresses of the human body.
  • Ultraspan chest panel and Stretchtec side panels work together to produce a highly flexible and snug fit.
  • Infrared (IR) fleece interior lining reflects body heat for extra thermal insulation and is extremely soft against the skin.

Number #4

SCUBAPRO Defintion 3.0 Women Neoprene wetsuit

SCUBAPRO Defintion 3.0 Damen Neopren Tauchanzug
SCUBAPRO Defintion 3.0 Women Neoprene wetsuit

  • CE certified a Class D dive suit: rated for water temperatures above 72ºF/22ºC.
  • Made from X-Foam neoprene, the only “green” neoprene that complies with P.A.H. regulations.
  • Built with the Body Map System, an exclusive manufacturing method that uses special tailoring and material inserts to compensate for the stresses of the human body.
  • Ultraspan chest panel and Stretchtec side panels work together to produce a highly flexible and snug fit.
  • Infrared (IR) fleece interior lining reflects body heat for extra thermal insulation and is extremely soft against the skin.

Number #3

Scubapro Definition 5mm

SCUBAPRO Defintion 5.0 Damen Neopren Tauchanzug
SCUBAPRO Defintion 5.0 Damen Neopren Tauchanzug

  • New Ultraspan panels in the chest area and stretch-tech material on the body, sides, arms and legs
  • Spinal padding to cushion the weight of the bottle
  • Suitable for water temperatures from 18 ° C to 25 ° C
  • Neoprene (N2S) coated with nylon on both sides ensures a good mix of warmth and comfort
  • The single-layer sealing cuffs with YKK zippers on the wrists and ankles are equipped with brass slides for greater durability, making it easy to get on and off.

Number #2

Scubapro Definition Steamer 5mm Women Neoprene Wetsuit

SCUBAPRO Defintion 5.0 Damen Neopren Tauchanzug blue
SCUBAPRO Defintion 5.0 Women neoprene wetsuit

  • New Ultraspan panels in the chest area and stretch-tech material on the body, sides, arms and legs
  • I-Safe loops on both sleeves ensure that your instruments can be securely attached
  • Spinal padding to cushion the weight of the bottle
  • Material composition: 90% neoprene, 10% nylon
  • Suitable for water temperatures from 22 ° C to 26 ° C, CE certified as a class A diving suit

Number #1

Scubapro Everflex Steamer 5/4mm women neoprene Wetsuit

SCUBAPRO Everflex Steamer Damen Neopren Tauchanzug 7-5 mm
SCUBAPRO Everflex Steamer Damen Neopren Tauchanzug 7-5 mm

  • Made from 100 percent Everflex neoprene, an X-Foam formulation, for durability and better health.
  • Multi-thickness panels deliver a superior combination of warmth and flexibility.
  • Pure Design Concept uses fewer seams and panels for maximum flexibility.
  • New nylon thread resists abrasion for longer suit life.
  • Diagonal back zipper offers increased long-term durability and ease of use.
  • Zippers on arms legs and in front of throat

Additional Women Neopren Wetsuit Equipment

Scubapro 6,5mm Definition Women Ice Vest

Scubapro 6,5 mm Definition Damen Eisweste mit Haube
Scubapro 6,5 mm Definition women ice vest

  • Neoprene vest with front zip
  • attached hood
  • Material thickness 6.5mm
  • X-Foam

5mm Hood Neopren

5mm Kofhaube
5mm Hood

  • NO AIR IN THE HOOD: Thanks to the air release system, the Seac Tekno hood allows air to escape into the open air, thus avoiding annoying air bubbles in the hood.
  • PERFECT FIT: The collar made of smooth neoprene lies close to the neck cuff of the diving suit and thus minimizes the ingress of water.
  • 5mm THERMO-NEOPRENE: The Seac Tekno hood is made from 5mm ultra-flexible neoprene, which prevents the head from cooling down.
  • EASY TO PUT ON: The Ultraflex neoprene of the Seac Tekno hood is extremely elastic and therefore very light and easy to put on with optimum wearing comfort.
  • ESSENTIAL ACCESSORIES: The Seac Tekno diving hood fits perfectly with all diving suits, for women and men, and is available in 5 sizes.

Rash Vest or Rashguard Long Sleeve can be worn under the neoprene wetsuit for additional protection against the cold.

Women rash guard pink
Women rash guard pink

  • Other Fibers
  • Imported
  • Skin Cancer Foundation Recommended Product; UPF 50+ Ultraviolet Protection
  • Perfect For Surfing, Swimming, Paddle Sports, Boating, And Beach Days
  • Comfortable Yet Durable 6oz Polyester/Spandex Construction
  • Minimal Seam Placement For Maximum Rash Protection
  • Performance Fit: Form-Fitting Tight Layer Fits Like A Second Skin
  • Many colors available

Cressi High Stretch Neopren Gloves
Gloves are only against the cold and not for touching anything underwater!

Cressi High Stretch Neoprenhandschuhe
Cressi High Stretch Neoprenhandschuhe

  • Highly comfortable flatlock stitched gloves
  • Five fingered gloves made from single lined high-stretch neoprene
  • Suitable for many applications- surfing/bodyboarding to snorkelling and diving Ideal sports accessory for protecting your hands

This has been my equipment guide and the list of the top 10 best women neoprene wetsuits for 2020! I hope you enjoyed it and if so, please share it or leave us a comment.

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