The Wildlife Collective is a bunch of amazing NFT Photographers who are passionate about the worlds wildlife and their environment!

The Wildlife Collective

The Wildlife Collective is helping the Orangutans

But they need our all help!

  • ~$1 will be donated to Orangutan Outreach for every visitor that stops by their virtual gallery
  • 50% of the sale price from images hanging in their charity room will be donated.

Our wildlife and Biodiversity are our most important keystones on earth and we have to protect them with all we have!

No Blue No Green No Life!

There must be a change in so many economic sectors be it

  • deforestation of Rain Forrest replaced by
  • mono-culture like palm oil plantations,
  • chemical fertilizers and too much of it
  • acidification of the soil
  • plastic pollution
  • and so many more

We are losing species every single day! The speed of our destruction is unprecedented.

Luckily the wildlife collective is here to help out the Orangutans!

TWC Thumbnail1
  • The Wildlife Collective artist will donate 50% of the sale price from images hanging in the charity area straight to OrangutanOutreach
  • @oncyber_io has generously pledged to donate ~$1 for every gallery visitor. So go and visit and you’ll already help saving Orangutans.
  • The event ends at the end of the month!

Support TWC and our Wildlife!

The Wildlife Collective on Twitter

TWC Discord Server

Virtual Gallery curated house

If you have any questions please contact Ryan Sault | Saultphoto.eth @Sault_photo and give him a follow!

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