Red Lionfish Juvenile

Red Lionfish Juvenile


Picture of a Red Lionfish Juvenile

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Picture of a Red Lionfish Juvenile

Portrait of a common lionfish or red lionfish juvenile (Pterois volitans). They aren’t invasive here and are still in moderate numbers as they have their natural predators here in the Andaman sea which are sharks moray eels and groupers.

This Red Lionfish Juvenile was only around 7cm in length while the max size they reach is around 40cm in length and can live up to 10 years.

The venomous spines make the fish inedible or deter most potential predators. Lionfish reproduce monthly and are able to quickly disperse during their larval stage for expansion of their invasive region.

Many organizations are promoting the harvest and consumption of lionfish in efforts to prevent further increases in the already high population densities and invaded zones. Some have allowed to spearfish Lionfish as it is a good method to decimate the overgrowing population.

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