Pharao Cuttlefish

Pharaoh Cuttlefish Couple


Picture of a Pharaoh cuttlefish Couple

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Picture of a Pharaoh cuttlefish Couple

Pharaoh cuttlefish (Sepia pharaonis) grow up to a mantle length of 42 cm and a weight of 5 kg.

Pharaoh cuttlefish reproduce in a similar way to most other squids. Large males compete against each other until a winner is determined, although this is often decided without a physical battle.

The males circle each other and show threatening colors and tentacles until a male swims away, defeated.

The victorious male then mates with the female by grabbing her with his tentacles, rotating the female so that the two animals are face to face, and then using a special tentacle to place sperm sacs into an opening near the female’s mouth.

The male then guards the female until it lays the fertilized eggs a few hours later, which you can see in this picture!

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Pharaoh Cuttlefish Couple
Pharaoh Cuttlefish


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