Abandoned fishing Net Koh Haa 2

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Patreon lets you financially support and reward content creators such as podcasters, writers, and YouTubers through a monthly subscription.

Patreon lets you financially support and reward content creators such as ourselve, through a monthly subscription.

Supporters and fans can connect with creators to support their efforts such like us for our efforts of Marine Life Conservation Projects.

How Patreon membership tiers work

You can support us with different Membership levels. For example with a 30,- € monthly Membership you’ll receive one of my Award winning underwater Pictures worth over 30,- € with a Commercial License!
This license is generally commissioned or purchased for the client’s own personal use (e.g., house decoration, gift, fine art, screen saver etc.). Licensing issues do not arise as often in this category. While the photographer (me) retains the copyright, the client’s fee include a grant of reproduction rights.

Our ECOSYSTEM especially Oceans are important for our SURVIVAL and need our help IMMEDIATELY! Otherwise it will crash and we are with it!

Positive growth

I run a Dive Center called Poseidon and we used to finance our Marine Life Conservation Projects with the income of the Dive Center but that unfortunately has ceased due to the pandemic.

Manta Ray with Diver Patreon
Award winning Picture

Abandoned Fishing Net removal

So I’m looking for other options

Patreon is one option.

Another option:
Through my years of experience in diving and underwater photography, I have collected a huge amount of underwater pictures, some of which have won awards. Through my search I came across NFT’s and took a closer look at them. I would like to mine and sell my pictures as NFT’s, using the proceeds to expand our marine conservation projects

Rescuing a Decorator Crab from abandoned Fishing Net

We do all sorts of Marine Life Conservation Projects.

  • Abandoned Fishing net removal,
  • Surface Rubbish Collection,
  • Underwater Cleanups,
  • Coral Propagation ,
  • Setting Permanent Anchor Buoy so boats don’t have to throw their own anchor into the reef and destroy Corals,
  • Beach Cleanups and
  • We just started a new Projects about Shark Conservation

Examples for the cost for different Projects

So as the more Patreons will support us as the bigger things we can achieve. For example to organize and carry out a Beach cleanup we will just need around 50,- €

For an Underwater Cleanup we would need boat cost, diving tanks, food, drinks, obviously the volunteers always work for free!

Boat cost 150,- € Diesel

Air Tank filling for 20 tanks 5,-€ x 20 = 100,- €

Food and drinks for 10 Volunteers 5,- € x 10 = 50 €

Total cost for a 1 day underwater Cleanup with 10 Volunteers

300,- €

Another example is our coral reforestation project:

Boat cost 150,- € Diesel

Air Tank filling for 20 tanks 5,-€ x 20 = 100,- €

Food and drinks for 10 Volunteers 5,- € x 10 = 50 €

Utensils that we need for the coral reforestation Project 100, – €

Total cost for a day of Coral propagation Project

400,- €

You’d like to support us in our marine protection projects, but don’t want to sign up for Patreon or have much time?

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All income goes towards our Marine Life Conservation Projects!

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Another way to help us is with your donation or buy one of our merchandise items. All income from the Items sold goes to our Marine Life Conservation Projects.

You can now Donate in Bitcoin to support our Marine Life Conservation Projects

Are you interested in Scuba Diving? Come Join us at Poseidon Dive Center and do a Dive Course or Join us for a FunDive as a certified Diver.

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